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Wednesday, May 02, 2007


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yes im stil alive and well, jes busy

Tuesday, March 20, 2007

msian studies presentation! we sumhow had to go 1st T-T, due to techincal problems...haha, o well. anywyas, ours was kinda boring except the lat part when i had to do some screamin...hahahaa it went like this...i was tokin bout reid commisssion, n thn, how merdeka n wat the 1st PM did, which is shouted merdeka 7 times in the merdeka stadium. so thts wat i did...7 times i shouted MERDEKA!!!!! and 7 times my fellow teammates shouted after me...ahahhaah, was crap man. i got like caught up with the moment....after shouting 7 times...i was like THANK YOU!!! THANK YOU!!!! hahahah wth man XD so dumb

thn after tht....took some freakin pics which ill post at the end of this thing. yar, thn wnt bk to room usual stuff...and had to study fer econs... =.= duno wat am i doin anymore, JK!!! haha well i haf to ocmplete my moral assignemtn tomolo...haha due on friday, so is my math test!!! ouch...weelll more stuff hapenin but im nt gonna say tht else i get mre stress

gahhh...i dont care is sloww!!!! beent trying to upload oics...but nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo net is sooooooo slowwwwwwwwwww and slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww and even slowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeerrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr wat amazing speed im getting! i just cant believe it man! 7kbps woowwwwww its sooooo fasttttttt tht i can sleep waiting fer my page to load! man...dont u jes luv the speed here??
ok...nw lemme say this, moral test was like ouch man...and while we were doing it...there was like Ronald Keating song, and B.S.B. n some freaking classic. to concentrate? hmph, annoying stuff. thn well...notin much, except psycho quiz turned out to be True/False stuff so....shocked. well.......thn was supposed to haf balroom practice but canceled. oh ya, so i went fer dinner early lo. met some Thai gals...heh, pretty/cute ppl XD nt tht i toked to thm hahaha. right so i wnt out with Ivy n Candice to get mah notes n were tokin to them bout Hell. .....dam scary stuff XD

haha, if u will...thn after reading hell thn read heaven, cos thts hw the sequence goes.

thn wnt to do msian studies project. ahahah, while we were discussing, ther's like this girls who suddenly goes shhhhh, nt a market here, we were like wtf???? wats ur problem man, we are discuassing, if u wanna study go else where dont come common room. crazy nut. also, after a while later, she started talking so freaking loud, n she wasnt studyin..she was gossipin. crazy nut. and she's fat n ugly. hahahahahahah nw officially in both this blog and Random Insanity

hahah, come visit us if u wan,

Sunday, March 18, 2007 today whn i woke up..i did the stupidest thing i havnt done in a long time...instant mee! well...its supposed to be goreng, but instead i made it soup...=.= o weell at least taste a bit ther, ahaha os yes thn i went to Semarak Revival Centre, a change for CHC. hahaa, anywyas...its was pretty weird n all tht. but still cool. ahah its like the end of the world n stuff....=.= honestly speaking..i find it a bit weird, haf some doubts n stuff...hhaa

welll in the end ther's this testi by 7 columbian kidsz, actually its more of an audio thingy, but still a testi non the lest. it seems tht these kids were brought to hell and thn heaven.

for more details please visit :
and look fer 7 columbian youths. its great stuff.

haha, u knw wat? the whole sermon thing + worship took like 6hrs? so it was like at 10.30 we were ther n thn ended at 4. ahahah o least the last part was great so yeh...thn Japh's parents brought us to KFC ^^ hahahaha had snakc plate. =)) fun fun...ahah, im kinda like my dad nw...thy pass me all the junk thy cnt finish O.o hahha mebe they being kind? but i guess i was pretty rude to jes eat it all. hmph. o well. hahaha

oh yeh...i met all of japh's family. ahaha the parents n his two sis. Sarah the eldest and Debra(?) the youngest? XD well...cant really say much, haah if some of u wan comparison...i might say tht Debra looks like Shin Yen's litle sis n Sarah looks like umm...wats her name? Shu Mei? isit? nt sure...hahahaha welll,...hahahhaaha, oh yeh...and it seems tht Sarah viewed some video on animal cannibalism on my bday last year! haha something about pelicans n stuff XD

SAM march intake coming in!!!! good luck peps

Motto of the Week: "Survive and put your trust in God"
reasons: monday - moral and psycho test
tuesday - malaysian study presentation
wednesday - econs test and advert
thursday - pass up eng. research propsal
friday - maths test
next week - pass up eng. annotated bibliography and most probably more test

God will definitely help me through this! i believe it so! (of course we haf to put in efforts of our own to study hard)

PS. i jes realsied tht most of my post start with " hmmm" and the like hahahahaha
hmmhmm...notinmuch to report.except tht i haf lotssa test comin up and presentation...haha, no time to playplay...=.=, also, today had Mother Tongue's Day organized by INTI UN club, ahhaa haf spanish, russian, nigerian english, bm, mandarin, cantonese, adv. eng, haha o well, i learnt canto hahahaa, bt still nt so good lo. XD well...thn after tht went ot fer dinner wth van, n tn haf to teach thm hw to dance chacha, xcept i dunno the girl part...=.= hhaahhaa, o well...thn cme bk n dint wash my clothes n stuff...T-T no time lar... hope fully can wash nxt week, mebe on tuesday? XD

Friday, March 16, 2007

hahaha, so these past few days, beeen busy...and im gonna be busy agen, nxt week, cos of test..=.= not much time to play anymore...hahahaha, wellll, notin much actually happened. just went over to japth's hse n washed clothes...haha im getin old cos i gt to bring my bedsheets n thn my blanket...hahahahahahah, o well. thn we just had a long long long chat from like 3.30 till 5-5.30? XD otw bk we saw soph, li wei, li lian(?) n mei ling hahaha thy were jogin bk =)

well notin much happened lar, thn wnt fer dinner with lau, n thn cme bk n just relaxed, watched 1 litre of tears epds. 4 ^^ hahahahaha thn dorothy called me out fer supper, so i went lor. XD

oh ya...n i chatted with hsien, hhaa seems tht she's realll happy LOL, and also the youth group is going to a fruit farm O.o, ahahaha makes me rmbr the old tawau days XD

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

tuesday....another rough day...hahahaha nt tht bad actually, hahaha
i kinda finished my eng. research proposal XD, but nt sure of the referencing.....

hahahhahah, thn ltr i went fer the sanskriti night. was good n bad at the same time...T-T. Carl wore kinda formal n his hair style changed O.o hahahahah adn Joan wore a skirt! XD. man...hahahaha, after tht when i went to get mah dinner, i saw Ivy n Dorothy O.O, i thought thy wernt comin...=.=, thn after tht, some performance was great, some was bad...(swt) thn haf open dance floor...hahaha was dragged into it =.=, sigh...o well, notin much anyways...XD

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

hm, so monday, yesterday, pretty tiring, hahaha most of the ppl went bk fer SPM o well, thn afterwards i had ballroom practice, except we learn this Shakira dance...=.= even us guys had to do...hahahah, all tht hip movement n stufff T_T o well

HAPPY BDAY SAM! hahahah ur legal nw, but dont do anytin stupid!

Saturday, March 10, 2007 woke up slightly later than usual. haha, thn played, did a bit of eng. thn went out fer lunch, XD ate duck/char siew rice 5 bucks...dam expensive, and not all tht good. haha, thn went to the PC fair, bought a new headset. thn wnt bk, took a slight nap, thn wnt bk to PC fair and bought a set of speakers...

oh the sweet sound... hahaha, but some connection problem =.= so annoying. after countless tries i finnally managed to get it to work, but the right satellite speaker is kinda soft. imagine if both works! haha, nw the vol. is 1/7 and its pretty loud. ahaha i tink its the laptop problem though

thn i call lau to come over to see which is the problem, found out its my laptop..o well at least one side still works. we watched Mr. Hard Gay, man those japs are weirdos man..this guy's pretty funny, o well. thn we went fer dinner, hmph soph dint join said she isnt hngry and all tht. so me n lau went down to eat at the sizzling beef place..ahgaha cant rmbr wat place. but we ordered sizzling beef agen, some veg. with fermented beancurd sauce and salad prawn. heck it was good, but the most expensive meal i ate so far 14 bucks. haha, thn cme hme n relaxed. XD

church tomolo! its gonna be GREAT!


motto of the month " SURVIVAL ". with lotsa assignments poppin out here n ther, its only natural tht survival is the theme of the month.

now, lemme tell u sometin interesting
seems tht a muslim girl got possessed in college round 1-3am. needed bout 4guys to pin her down and her voice sounded like a man. hmm, seems tht she went fer the haunted mansion b4. related or not only God knws. thn apparently another girl got possessed as well(whether this piece of info is true time will tell) and a Proton Gen2 series car crashed. came from Desa Palma and seems tht it crashed into hostel area. gonna chek this out ltr in the afternoon. also another car related case. an unmanned car, which was parked, suddenly started to move until a little while later when it came to a sudden stop. a guard witnessed this situation.

Pray that nothing else would happen.

now for the events lined up, tomolo last day of PC Fair, imma gonna buy myself a new headset =P soon on the 13th, sanskriti. was forced to buy the ticket by my fren =.=/at least dinner if provided. 5 bucks swt. also mother tounges day cokmin up. gonna learn cantonese =P and also White Day on the 14th. good luck guys!!! wat else, maths test, eng assignment due next week. gonna be a busy week!!!! =P

btw, the haunted mansion stuff is kinda scary, ahaha especially the girl who walks to advert. hell man, she is pretty, with silk like hair and beautiful face, with the paint on it n makeup n everytin. but yes...its all infatuation. besides, the only thing tht made me sloightly attracted to her is tht she looks so much like the characters tht i drew, so yes... its all a dream.